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Preethi - 110 Volts Mixie Grinder

Preethi - 110 Volts Mixie Grinder
Preethi - 110 Volts Mixie Grinder Preethi - 110 Volts Mixie Grinder Preethi - 110 Volts Mixie Grinder Preethi - 110 Volts Mixie Grinder Preethi - 110 Volts Mixie Grinder
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Appliance: Mixie-Grinder

Preethi - 110 Volts Mixie Grinder - CHEFPRO Plus, ECO Plus, Blue Leaf Platinum - 3 Models to choose from...
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Ideal for making dry Masalas, like Garam Masala, Sambar powder, Rasam Powder, Curry masala Powder. Excellent for grinding Roasted cereals, like raw rice, wheat, millet and corn, Dry Dal, Peas, beans and roasted coffee beans, dry fruit and nuts, Dry Spices and Condiments, red chillies, coriander, cumin, pepper,fennel in large or small quantities. Wet Grinding - Not a Big Deal.


Model ChefPro Plus -  5 Jar Configuration: 1.75 liter S.S Jar, 1.00 liter S.S Jar, 1.5 liter Super Extractor Jar, 0.4 liter Grind n' Store with Big Bottle and Small Bottle.
Model ECO Twin -  2 Jar efficient Configuration: 1.5 liter S.S Jar AISI 304 - rust proof and Chutney Grinder Jar.
Model Blue leaf Platinum -  5 Jar Configuration: 1.75 liter S.S Jar,1.5 liter Super Extractor Jar, 0.4 liter Grind n' Store with Big Bottle and Small Bottle. Flexi-Lid converts your 1.75 Liter Jar to 1.25 Liter Jar.

• 550 Watts. No load speed 18,000 RPM (approx.) With load speed 10,500 RPM (approx), 110 Volts is suitable for US / Canada.
• The Preethimixie has an UL recognized Motor. Besides a one year warranty, it provides Self Support Service Kit and Service Instruction Manual.
• Preethi comes with powerful 550 Watts motor that operates at 110 V and makes grinding faster and simpler.
• The Super Extractor makes it possible for quick extraction of juices from various fruits and vegetables and retains the pulp inside the filter.

• The Jars and Blades are rust-proof & the Domes and Lids are made of unbreakable Polycarbonate material.
• The 'Grind n' Store' has an air tight container which makes grinding, storing and serving an easy task.

Motor Unit
110 volts - 550 watts Powerful heavy-duty motor, UL approved for added safety, when compared to any other Indian brand mixie in the market.
Fitted with Dynacool featured motor
Buit-in Auto overload protector switch
Vacuum rubber feet avoids unit vibration
3mm thick ABS body
3 Speed rotary switch
Plus Pulse switch
Unique jar locking system

Salem Stainless Steel ( AISI 304 )
Rigid and 100% rust proof
High gloss finish

1.1.75 ltr Jar with a set of 3 interchangeable blades
2.1.75 ltr Jar converts to 1.25 ltr Jar with the Flexi Lid
3.300 ml Stainless Steel inbuilt Compact Chutney Jar fitted with a fixed multi-purpose blade
4.Grind Serve and Store jars - Capacity - 500 ml and 300 ml

Salem Stainless Steel ( AISI 304 )
Rigid and 100% rust proof
Electro polished
Dry and Wet Blade
Juicer Blade
Mincer / Grater Blade
Compact Chutney Jar Fixed blade
Whipper Blade, made of food-grade plastic for better performance

Power :UL Approved 550 Watts 60 Hz.
Voltage : 110 volts
Capacity :
1 Stainless Steel Jar of 1.75 liters
1.75 liters converts to 1.25 liters with the Flexi Lid
1 Stainless Steel Chutney Grinder
2 Grind 'N' Store Jars - 500ml and 300ml
Blades  :4 interchangeable and 1 fixed
Add Ons :Plastic stirrer, Instruction manual and Demo DVD
Weighs : 14 lbs.
Warranty : 1 year warranty

Preethi Profession in Fine Grinding. Dry Grinding - fine made possible. Grinding for idli, dosa batter is easy and quick.
Grinding for vada, bonda and chutney makes you feel the difference. Ideal for grinding fresh coconut for rich milk or cream. Wet grinding any curry masala or paste for all your gravies. Grating / Mincing - A mighty delight.

All you can grate Carrot, onions, cabbage, beetroot, cucumber,spinach, for your salad, raita and for any garnish. Excellent for making delicious Coconut burfi, Cashew nut burfi, Carrot halwa. Mincing meat for Kababs, cutlets, koftas, burgers and kheema briyani or curry. Whipping / Churning - an easy turn.

Preethi Grind, Serve n' Store* Jar - Two multiple size Unbreakable transparent jars. Capacity - 500 ml and 300 ml. Air tight, matching lids. Convenient to refrigerate, Microwave safe, Dish washer safe, Convenient to Grind, Serve and Store
Excellent for storing ground spices. Great for home made baby foods to serve or to go.
Preethi Flexi Lid Concept - The New Innovative Flexi Lid concept, converts / adapts the 1.75 liter jar into an 1.25 liter jar. Effectively increasing the efficiency of grinding for wet, dry, mincing, grating and whipping even when the quantity is less, without adding an extra jar to you kitchen. This Unique patented configuration was designed to save space in your modern kitchen by ensuring to meet all your grinding needs with efficiency and perfection. Flexi Lid will be in white color.

Why Preethi?
Starting out in the year 1978 Maya Appliances owner of the Preethi range of home appliances is today a dominant manufacturer of mixer grinders in every market it is present in India.
Manufacturing, Quality & Innovation
The manufacturing practices at the company's manufacturing facilities are comprehensive and systematic from the inward inspection of vendors supplies to the in process systems and the final assembly. Vendors to the company are extended partners so much so they participate in development and are in turn Preethi's quality control inspectors. Every product current or under development carries the Preethi assurance of quality, the hallmark of the brand. The philosophy at MAL that governs the manufacturing processes is R & D driven by market feedback and continuous innovation.

Corporate Mission & Vision
The company relies on its core values of consumer trust, ethics in business practices and quality in products and services.
The mission at MAL remains to improve the family's quality of life through the superior quality and efficiency of its home appliances.

SIMPLE RECIPES (gms - weight in grams)

1) Coconut (Cut to 1" Cubes) - 50gms
2) Split Bengal gram - 30gms
3) Curry leaves - 3 pieces
4) Green chilly - 1 no
5) Pinch of salt

Instruction for chutney grinding:
1) Put the curry leaves and green chili into the Chutney Grinder and then add Coconut Pieces, Split Bengal gram and salt.
2) Pulse for 7 times till material is powdered.
3) Add 75 ml water and stir using Spatula.
4) Run at 'High' speed for 30 seconds.
Ingredients: Coriander seeds - 200 gms

Instruction for Dry grinding:
1) Add 200 gms of coriander into the 1.75 liter Jar
2) Run at 'High' Speed for 1 minute   

Ingredients: 'Egg White' of 8 eggs.

Instruction for Egg Whipping:
1) Fix the whipper blade to 1.75 liter Jar.
2) Add 'Egg white' of 8 eggs into Jar.
3) Run at 'High' Speed for 5 minutes.  

1) Soaked Rice - 450 gms
2) Soaked Urad Dal - 200 gms

Instruction for Rice Paste:
1) Soak 350 gms of rice and 100 gms of Urad Dal separately for 6 to 8 hours.
2) Drain water in the rice thoroughly and add the 450 gms of soaked rice in 1.75 liter Jar.
3) Add 150 ml of water.
4) Run at 'High' Speed (12000 rpm) for 1 minute.
Ingredients: Meat - 300 gms

Instruction for Meat grinding:
1) Trim fat from meat & remove all bones.
2) Cut the meat into 1" cubes.
3) Ensure Mincer blade is fixed to 1.75 liter Jar.
4) Add 300gms of meat into the Jar.
5) Pulse for 20 times  

Ingredients:  Soaked Urad Dal - 350 gms

Instructions for Vada Paste:
1) Soak 175gms of Urad Dal 6 to 8 hours.
2) Drain water thoroughly and put 350 gms of the soaked Dal into the
1.25 liter Straight Jar.
3) Add 30 ml of water.
4) Run at 'High' Speed for 15 sec.
5) Stop and Stir the contents using Spatula.
6) Run at 'High' Speed for 15 sec. 

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